Student Portfolio (Physical)

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This portfolio is designed to be a keepsake - a diary of your Taekwondo training that you can cherish for years to come and a means for the Reviewing Board to track your activities in an organized manner. Feel free to add items in order to customize it. Your Instructor will use your portfolio as a tool to check your participation and chart your progress.

Please be accurate as you enter the information the portfolio asks for in order to make your Instructor’s job easier. At various rank levels, you will also be graded on the contents of your portfolio. Every person testing for Black Belt must turn in an official USCDKA completed portfolio, which will be graded. The sooner you begin to enter information, the more complete and accurate the information will be.

You are asked to refer to the curriculum requirements in the textbook, Forces of Taekwondo in order to give you a better understanding of items that you may want to add to your portfolio such as essays. Under “Special Items” you may want to put newspaper clippings, newsletters, autographs, programs, poetry, or anything that is special to you.

Keep in mind that the entire portfolio has copyright and may not be copied without written permission from the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association, Inc. except for extra pages needed for special events, notes, or extra school contributions. We trust your integrity as a martial artist to comply.